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"After battling cancer, I did a lot reading on health, which pointed my family towards better food. We added more veggies to our meals, and started buying organic meats and milk. No processed food, no hormones, no antibiotics—these reduced the risk of cancer, and also had other health benefits for the family.  We even considered vegetarianism for a hot minute, to the great concern of all the males in our family.  After reading Michael Pollan’s book “In Defense of Food”, I realized I needed to find a farm that practiced regenerative farming and transparency, so that our food would be both something that made us feel good and that we felt good about eating.  Luckily, I came across information about JL Green Farm while on vacation one summer, and we managed to stop at the farm store on the way home.  We have purchased the majority of our meats from them since!  

I have found buying all my meats for an entire month at once has made grocery shopping less of a chore, and meal planning easier, since we tend to buy similar cuts each month.  We have several food sensitivities in our family, and prepare most of our meals at home.  Anything we can do to make that easier helps!  I love knowing that I am feeding my family more nutritious food, and that the animals I choose to eat are well cared for and live good lives.  We like the point made by Joel Salatin of Polyface Farms that the animals live as nature intended, and have that “one bad day”.  

My favorite part of being a JL Green customer is getting to know the Green family.  After we took a farm tour, I understood why it is so important to see where your food comes from.  I was delighted for my kids to hear Jordan’s explanations of having the cows graze, following by chickens, and why that helps the land.  There were some great discussions around the table after that!  Jordan and Laura are just really, really nice people, who are honest in their intentions as farmers, and are raising a beautiful family.  We are happy to support this business, because there is such a need for farms and families like them.  

The good news is that our family continues to be healthy, and our children are now young adults who have spent the last five years learning how health really does start with food.  We love to say, “pay the farmer now or the doctor later”.

- Carrie C.
Customer since October 2016
Northern VA

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